Hi, I’m Mike Yavorsky.

I’m a developer and designer, building tools for startups, political campaigns, non-profits, and organizations working for large-scale change. My work has included mobile and responsive web applications and the APIs to support them. I believe in design backed by principles. I’m looking for work that’s civically oriented or socially responsible.

Recent UX work


I’ve Done

Currently I’m designing the experience of a machine learning application for edtech

I’ve featured six pieces of work from the last five years, which present a sampling of my visual and user experienced-driven design skills.

However, I’ve also had the opportunity to work with a range of clients requesting a range of work—from print design to branding, along with photography & video work.

I’ve worked with businesses, non-profits, and political campaigns. That work has included user research, web development (with Python & JavaScript, including React and React Native), and statistical analysis.

I’m lucky enough to count among my clients Under the Same Moon, Aashiyaan, Delivered, the LEAH Project, the Billions Institute, Refugees Welcome, Armano for Senate, Berwick for Governor, and Markey for Senate.

Existing solutions don’t account for the quintessential campaign metric.

Read about how I redesigned the campaign dashboard

Read the case study

What’s Next?

If you’re hiring, let’s talk! I’m looking for part-time work or a full-time gig. I like working with diverse teams to tackle problems that aren’t getting a lot of attention, especially in pursuit of social progress. I’m more inclined to build something up than rip it down and start over.

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